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Luci Bag Party
 Do you like showing off pictures of your children and or your grandchildren? Or do you own your own business? Want to promote your business where ever you go without saying a word? I have the best product for you.. Join my Luci Bag party and take a look for yourself at these AWESOME bags with displays on the side
https:  //www.facebook.com/groups/1471167566466006/
Special offer!

For the first 5 people who order a candle and or tart from my Rep Store atwww.jewelryincandles.com/store/ellen_watkins_store, I will personally but and send to you a candle or tart of your choosing!

This is a limited time offer! ONLY 5 slots are open! Order quickly! 
I will also have a coupon waiting for you when you are ready to check out!
a discount and a FREE candle and or tart with a hidden surprise in it! what a AWESOME deal. I wouldn’t miss out if I were you!

Dirty floors

Okay I need ya’lls help!! I have tried mopping, swifter wet jet, swifter wet and a Shark steam mop.. I can’t seem to get my floors clean! They all just leave a dirt film on top PLEASE I NEED HELP THE DIRT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!